Scholarships are a great way to supplement educational costs.  There are many scholarships available for students pursuing a license in the field of cosmetology.  Below is a list of some of the available scholarships.  Please follow the link for complete information on the scholarship, or contact our Admissions Department.   In addition, students can find scholarships that are available from their local community organizations and their local high school guidance office.
Cosmetology / Barber / Manicurist / Aesthetician  Scholarship options:
Aesthetics Scholarship options:
Additional Manicurist scholarship options: ( select tab: Beauty changes lives, then select : CND/Tippi Hedren)

Spa Serenity – ask admissions regarding this scholarship

The Academy may, periodically, grant a scholarship or fee waiver to a student may be based on merit or need; the decision is made by 2 or more faculty members. All decisions are final and may not be appealed