Admission & Enrollment Requirements for All Programs
Title IV- Federal Student Aid   and   Non-Title IV Federal Student Aid

Enrollment packet download here:enrollmentapplication

 Admission Requirements:

Applicants for all programs must be a High School graduate or have the equivalency (G.E.D/H.S.E.D.). Proof of education is required BEFORE acceptance to the Academy and completing the Registration/Program Acceptance Form. Proof of graduation includes a high school diploma, high school transcripts or official transcripts, a G.E.D and/or transcripts or official transcripts. Applicants must be eighteen years of age or have contractual permission from his/her parents or legal guardian. Additionally, must be a citizen or national of the United States, or a qualified alien or nonimmigrant lawfully present in the United States. Furthermore, any high school diploma, GED, or transcripts that the Academy determines to be questionable or from a * “Diploma Mill”, will be subject to the Academy’s policy on determining the validity of diploma, GED, and/or transcripts. The Admissions Director and School Director will make the final decision after taking into account the results of the validation search. Should they find the diploma to be invalid, then the student cannot attend until valid proof of education is obtained.

Enrollment Process

To be considered for admission you will need to submit/complete the following:
 Proof of Education:

  • High School Diploma and/or High School Transcript or official transcripts
  • A GED (General Equivalency Diploma) and/or Transcripts or official transcripts
  • Copy of a state issued credential for secondary school completion if homeschooled.
  • Proof of Age, Identification and Citizenship: (must provide a copy)
  • Birth Certificate, Drivers License or Government Issued Photo ID
  • Non-U.S. Citizens: Must comply with all admission and enrollment requirements and provide appropriate documentation such as, Permanent Resident Card, Resident Alien Card, Certificate of Citizenship, etc. All documents provided must be original or certified and translated in English. In Addition, Foreign diplomas must be translated and authenticated as a equivalent to a high school diploma in the United States
    • Further documentation may be requested for identity verification purposes.
    • Personal Interview & Academy Visits:
    • Meet with Admissions Office for Personal Interview
    • Academy Visits: make appointments with Admissions Office
    • Meet all Admission and Enrollment Requirements for chosen program of study.
    • Review and sign all Pre-Enrollment policies and procedures: Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, Academy Security/Crime Information, Family Education Student Right-to-Know Act, Consumer Information, Student Catalog and Handbook, etc.
    • Officially register for program by completing Registration/Program Acceptance Form and paying the $100.00 registration fee.
    • Meet with Financial Aid Office for financial planning interview and application assistance with free Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application.

      Complete Admission Application Packet:

    • Student Enrollment Application
    • Health & Safety form

Keep in mind that the Academy’s goal is to accept your enrollment, but it is not guaranteed. The Director of Admissions will notify you of your admission status 14 business days after the Pre-Enrollment Admissions Packet deadline. If you are denied admission you can re-apply one time within 30 days, and every 90 days thereafter. If you are denied enrollment more than 3 times in a 12 month period you may not reapply for another 12 months .(Please see section in this Catalog/Handbook of Re-enrollment)

Prior to Acceptance

All applicants are required to have an Academy visit and personal interview with an Academy representative. The interview provides an opportunity for the Academy to help you choose a program that best fits your career goal, motivation and individual creativity. Students who are accepted for training must complete a Registration/ Program Acceptance Form accompanied by the $100 registration fee. Applicants that previous-attended an accredited cosmetology training school or previous students of this Academy must comply with all admission and enrollment requirements and will be subject to the Student Transfer and/or Re-Entry section of this Student Catalog and Handbook.

All required documentation, admission application packet materials and activities must be completed and submitted by the determined deadline (see admissions office for deadline clarification).  Failure to complete and submit all of the information required will result in denial of admittance.  The admissions procedure is the same for any applicant and all programs.


        • Prospective students need to be aware of the personal dedication and determination it takes to prepare for and graduate, and become a licensed professional. During your first scheduled personal interview with the admissions office they will discuss academic and career goals, assess which program of study is best for achieving applicants goals, help you understand the student role, contribution, and dedication to his/her education, review program curriculum, book and kit requirements, and payment options.
        • Applicants that meet the enrollment requirements but have physical or mental limitations should be aware of the occupational demands of the industry. The Academy will make reasonable accommodations for these known disabilities.
        • Applicants are encouraged to review in detail the Work Environment, Working Conditions and Physical Requirements section of this Student Catalog and Handbook.


Instructor Training Program Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment requirement complies with the State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services. This program provides training to licensed Cosmetology Practitioner’s, Barber’s, Manicurists, or Aesthetician’s interested in obtaining a State of Wisconsin Instructor License. Applicants must follow all Admission and Enrollment Requirements.

Documentation required for enrollment:

        • A copy of the applicant’s driver’s license, Birth Certificate or Government issue Photo ID
        • A copy of the applicant’s State of Wisconsin licensure (Practitioner or Manager)
        • Upon completion of program and to qualify for the State Examination:
        • If licensed as a practitioner you must have completed 2000 hours of practice as a licensed Cosmetologist, Barber, Manicurist or Aesthetician prior to submitting the application for State Examination, or hold a  Manager license. An Employment Verification Form is required to accompany the application for the State Examination for Instructor Licensure.
        • If licensed as a Manager then the employment verification is not required.Documentation required for enrollment:
        • A copy of the applicant’s driver’s license, Birth Certificate or Government issue Photo ID
        • A copy of the applicant’s State of Wisconsin licensure
        • Completed Employment verification form



 Scholarships are a great way to supplement educational costs. There are many scholarships available for students pursuing a license in the field of cosmetology. Below is a list of some of the available scholarships. Please follow the link for complete information on the scholarship, or contact our Admissions Department.   In addition, students can find scholarships that are available from their local community organizations and their local high school guidance office. All awarded scholarships a student receives from other organizations, will be applied to the student’s account as required by that awarded scholarships criteria.

The Academy may periodically grant a scholarship or fee waiver to a student, may be based on merit or need. The decision is made by two or more faculty members. All decisions are final and may not be appealed.

 AASC –                                                                                    Education

Sport Clips Scholarship – $1,000 Scholarships /        OPI                                         Joe Frances Haircare –

Aurie J. Gosnell Scholarship – $1,250 Scholarships      Great Clips –

Professional Beauty Association   | National Cosmetology Association   | Sally Beauty Supply – Seven – $1000  

 Student Services

 Panache Academy of Beauty is committed to ensure its students gain the most from their education. Our instructors and administrative staff are available during the course of the program to help with any personal and/or academic/attendance matters.

Advanced Educational Events: The Academy hosts career fairs and advanced education events. These events offer a wide range of presentations from guest artists, salon owners and managers, and manufacturer’s representatives. This allows students to communicate with individuals working in the industry and ask questions related to occupational requirements. Students are also encouraged to do salon/spa visiting so they experience day-to-day operations, and are also counseled to attend trade/hair shows throughout the year.

Career Services: The Academy provides employment placement assistance by supplying and posting current positions available for students nearing graduation from the program, and for those who have already graduated and are looking for a new position. Resume and job seeking/interviewing skills are part of the student’s curriculum. Spa/Salon visits are encouraged giving students opportunities to experience employer expectations and arrange possible interviews. Spa/Salon owners participate in Academy events and career fairs supply the student further opportunities to schedule interviews and learn more about the spa/salon establishment.

Panache Academy of Beauty is committed to assisting students in every way possible to secure employment, however, Panache Academy of Beauty cannot guarantee employment placement.

 Housing: Excellent housing opportunities are available in the Sauk County and surrounding areas. We will gladly assist in locating suitable housing, as needed. Contact Admissions or the Student Resource Center for assistance. The Academy does not have on campus housing.

Student Resource Center: A resource center is provided for student/graduate use. There are materials for self-help, financial, job postings, housing and resume writing assistance. In Addition, a list of Spa/Salon contacts are available for your review.  A comprehensive library of references, periodicals, books, tests, and audio/video tapes are available to support the course of study and supplement student training.  Students should utilize the opportunity to review these extensive materials.

Graduate Benefits: Graduates may attend any workshops, clinics, and/or guest artisan presentations at Panache Academy of Beauty at no charge, unless required. Graduates will have access to our Student Resource Center and may contact the Academy for any additional assistance they may need.